Match Review: Tottenham vs KAA Gent (Rant)

To get things started, Dele Alli let us down last night. I’m sick of rival fans claiming that we’re ‘sticking up for him’ after that malicious challenge. It was disgraceful and could’ve easily broken his leg. Temper has always seen to get the better of him, like last season against West Brom when he lashed out against Yacob in the box. He must address this behavior if he wants to reach the greatest heights in his career because it has cost us on so many occasions during his period in Lilywhite. With ten men it was always going to be a challenge, and we almost conquered it. The second half we absolutely dominated, which just shows how poor the opposition was, they’re mid-table in the Belgian league for a reason. During stages of the game I forgot we even had ten men, as greater teams would capitalize and see out the game, were Gent were unable to do this due to the lack of quality they possess.


Another thing that I saw spreading around Twitter was stick towards Eric Dier. Don’t get me wrong, he’s much better in the midfield but he doesn’t deserve the amount of criticism he’s got these last few weeks. The people that are desperate for Dier to be dropped are the ones pleading Poch to play 3 at the back, how can Poch win? Kevin Wimmer is left footed so he’ll struggle on the right-hand side, and was even replaced by Dier at LCB at Anfield. Why can’t fans just get behind the team like we did under Redknapp, Jol etc? One week our fans are praising players claiming they’re ‘class’ then the next week saying they need to be sold in the summer? It doesn’t add up.

Leading onto this point, nothing frustrates me more when fans scapegoat players of their OWN TEAM. Look at players like Davies, Lamela, Son and Janssen for example. Will have the best performance in a Spurs shirt (rarely) and will go unnoticed. However, one small mistake or we lose, the blame is automatically on them, petty. If Janssen put in that performance that Harry Kane did last night fans would be calling for his head, but he’s ‘One Of Our Own’ so it’s fine… I’m not claiming Janssen should be a starter, but what is he meant to do in 3/4 minutes? We were cruising 3-0 against Fulham last week so why don’t bring him on then and boost his confidence? One of the few things Mauricio needs to work on, fast.

Finally, our transfer policy has to change if we want to be contending for the League, which we’re quite far off at the moment. In January Pochettino said the squads capable to compete in all major competitions, including Europe. So can someone explain to us why we always look in second gear, fatigued and uninterested when we play in UCL/Europa? Poch and Levy need to stop sitting on the fence and get deals done fast. Look at Chelsea with the likes of Kante etc. approached the team, paid the asking price, got the player. Now he’s the one leading the to the league title. On the bright side, we now have all eyes on the FA Cup, where we face Millwall in our last Cup tie at White Hart Lane, and solidify a top-four spot in the league.

Tottenham next welcome Stoke City to White Hart Lane on Sunday, as they look to bounce back from this defeat.





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